Why Do People Love Bowie Knife?

Bowie knife is not your average knife that you will find at everyone’s home, it is a knife that true knife collectors or hunters appreciate. It would not be false to say that Bowie knife is one that can scare someone’s enemy because the look of the knife is such that it intimidates people. If you go on the internet to research about the Bowie knife.

You might find this opinion online that some people do not like the Bowie knife because according to them, it is ugly which is their own opinion but to a lot of knife collectors, this does not make sense at all because the knife is far from being ugly. You should not be put off by the negative comment on such forums and instead focus on knifegeeky.com and the points that we have for you down below.


After reading the negative reviews, you might not believe it but there are countless people that love Bowie knife because of its design. As we said above, the look of the knife is a lethal one and it is beautiful in its own way. If a person looks at the knife, he/she would know that the knife holder is someone to stay away from so the Bowie knife would never fail to intimidate people around you.


The purpose of the knife is different for everyone because it depends on how the owner plans to use it but the interesting fact is that it fulfills its purposes well. People who hunt or skin with this knife swear, combat fight with it or just collect it, all swear that there is no other knife that can serve the purpose as well as the Bowie knife does so.