The Differences Between Airsoft And BB Guns You Need to Know

Asides from being very effective weapons or war and hunting tools, shooting guns can also be considered a sport. It’s not easy getting your hand on a gun license in most states and even if you get a license, you’ll need to have a serious threat to watch out for, since you got a gun. Buying an airsoft gun is easy and since these guns are non-lethal, it’s easy to buy a license for them. Some states have stringent laws against BB guns however, which is why you might need to resort to an airsoft gun at the end of the day.

BB guns have been around for a much longer time, which is why you might be fixated on getting one. On this page, we’ll go through the subtle differences between the two and help you decide between them. You can also head to and read a detailed review of some of the best airsoft rifles out there. Here’s the differences between the two.


Generally, both the guns have the same kind of power since they use similar mechanisms to propel ammunition. BB guns shoot smaller pellets which inflict more damage by burrowing into the target. This is why they make better guns for pest control.


Both the guns are very high accuracy, if they’re of high quality. However, at a long range, BB guns have higher accuracy. This is because their steel rounds are less susceptible to interference from air at longer distances.


This is pretty much the main difference between the two guns. BB guns use small plastic or steel rounds called BB, while airsoft guns may shoot rubber rounds as well. Airsoft rounds are bigger than Bb gun rounds.