That Extra Push

One of the worst things that parents do (while only meaning well and trying to do the best for their children) is to compare them to other students in their class and family that are doing better than them at school. Of course, when parents do this, they only mean to tell you that ‘hey if that kid can do it, so can you’ but it can often come across as pretty demotivating to be compared to someone else who’s better at something than yourself.

There are countless studies that prove that different students learn in different ways and if a student is genuinely trying to do something but failing, chances are that the reason why they’re failing is simply because they aren’t being taught in a way that suits them. Being honest, one of the weakness that most students have is that they don’t self-study as much as they should be doing. A great way to kind of put your kids to study at home as well as get them that extra reinforcement that they need outside of the classroom is to hire a home tutor from a Brisbane tutoring service that can give your son or daughter that extra push that they need to grasp concepts and prepare for their exams.

In a class room, you’re introduced to topics and attending lectures won’t be very useful unless you revise what’s taught and practice it yourself. Many times, you get stuck on something during your self-study and since there’s no one around to answer your questions, you’re kind of stuck. However, if you have a good home tutor who knows the subject and is good at understanding your confusion and explaining things to you, you’ll learn a lot more than you would have during class and ace every exam.