Melbourne’s Finest Wine Tours

Nothing says classy like a wine tour, going around the country side with friends and family, getting to sample a variety of alcohols accompanied with an assortment of delicious foods and snacks. Having the right kind of company is extremely important in order to enjoy your wine tour to the fullest and since a majority of the tour is spent inside of your transport, having a comfortable and entertaining transport is just as important as well.

Most wine tour service providers will hook you up with a comfortable and roomy coach, which unfortunately, lacks class and it can quickly become boring as well. if you want to take your wine tour experience to the next level then you should consider upgrading your ride, Mr Hummer is a luxury limousine rental company that offers a complete wine tour package in a fully decked out, luxurious limousine. Mr Hummer has a pretty lively tour package to offer that gives you a chance to explore all the wonders of Yarra Valley, their tour can take up to 18 persons in a hummer limousine, every hummer that the company has comes with a luxurious, state of the art interior that has everything that one might expect in a limousine. Their complete tour takes you all across Yarra Valley, providing a glass of champagne to each passenger at the tour’s start, and once you are on your way, the tour takes you through various tasting areas, a gourmet eating experience and more.

Mr Hummer wine tours are designed to provide people with an option to have an all-out luxury experience at a great price, their services are quite affordable and will not leave you disappointed. For a detailed look at their wine tour plan, go to Mr Hummer’s website or call them today.