Massage Chairs: Are They Worth It?

There is no feeling quite like getting a massage and feeling the tension and pain leave our body. We can physically feel ourselves relaxing and feeling much better, and traditionally, massages have always been given by hand. So, it has always been an intimate, human experience. However, in today’s world where everyone is busy and no one has time to give each other massages, we decided to improvise and hence created massage chairs.

Now, you can find a variety of different massage chairs, and you can find them in stores or you can simply order them online from websites like Wellness Grit, but we cannot help but wonder, are massage chairs really worth it?

Now, if we are being entirely honest, no, massage chairs cannot really replace the experience of having an actual person’s hands massage you, but, massage chairs do happen to have a lot more to offer. First of all, you can opt for different massage techniques, like Shiatsu and then settings where the balls in the massage chair will appear to either roll over your entire body, or even knead it like dough. Depending on the model or type of massage chair, you can choose from different techniques or alternate as you please.

Apart from the techniques, you can customize your massage settings by either focusing on a specific body part like your shoulders or your back, or you can have your entire body massaged. Some models of massage chairs even allow you to control the intensity and time your massage as well. Another interesting feature is allowing you to adjust the temperature, so you can have a heated massage as well. This way you can just relax and let the massage chair do its own thing without any interruption or problems, and feel completely relaxed once it is over.