Kayaking With Your Dog

If you’re someone who is always down for natural therapeutic activity but don’t like to be alone then you probably keep your dog with you wherever you go. Kayaking is also considered as a therapeutic activity as you go out into the waters alone and stay on your small heaven for a while. People kayak to mountain lakes to view the sunset or sunrise and listen to their favorite songs while having the idea that they’re not alone. While it is alright to take your dog along, it is not alright to take it along without training it for the activity.

Take All Necessary Measures

There are some measures to take and by the end of reading this article you will know how to kayak with a dog. Train your dog to respond to your commands immediately when you give one. Make sure that your dog is well trained to respond immediately to any commands you give. If it is even a little bit hesitant, it could result in an accident. Not just that; polish your dog’s listening abilities by making it able to understand particular drills. By doing so, you’ll be able to protect it in case something happens. Train the dog to make its own judgments in risky situations as it should be able to protect you too.


The training is not complete until you’ve taught your dog how to swim. By taking it out on water, you’ll be able to know if your dog is generally comfortable with water or not as some are born water friendly. Take the dog out on shallow waters first so that if an accident occurs and the kayak topples over, then you’re able to swim back to safety. Train it completely before taking it out on water.