Changing Pads – Do You Need One?

Just brought your little boy/girl home for the first time? Well, first of all let us congratulate you on starting a family. You’ll come to enjoy many things about having a baby but there will be many responsibilities that come with parenthood as well which you’re about to find out about. You’re in for some sleepless nights and tiring days ahead but that’s all part of parenthood. However, you can make your job as a parent a whole lot easier as well, if you’re prepared that is.

Being prepared means mentally readying yourself and buying the right stuff you need to raise your child. On this page, we’ll provide you a list of bedding items you might need to make yours and your baby’s lives much more comfortable for the first handful of years. Before we tell you what you should be buying, you should check out for Brentwood home coupons. This way you can buy premium bedding equipment from Brentwood at remarkable discounts.

Changing Pads

Your baby doesn’t have a whole lot of control over his or her bowel movements for the first year or two. This means that you’ve signed up for at least 3 years of diaper duty. Even though diapers are supposed to contain the mess, sometimes baby excrement might slip out and stain your bed sheets. A changing pad is the best way to avoid this.

Nursing Pillow

You may be able to feed your baby without one but remember that your baby needs to be fed 8-12 times in a day so you might as well invest in one and make your job much easier.


Your baby’s crib is more than just their sleeping quarters, it’s also their play pen and containing unit for at least 3 years. This means that you ought to make no compromise when buying a crib for your baby.