Cannabis And Its Different Forms

Cannabis is a drug that comes from a plant called Cannabis Indica. Cannabis goes under the category of depressant drugs, depressant drugs slow down the messaging channeling in your brain by slowing the activity of your central nervous system. Cannabis has a lot of other names such as ganja, herb, dope, hash, weed, pot, or crack. It can have a hallucinogenic effect on your mind too if taken in large quantities. There are three types of cannabis widely used all over the world:

Marijuana: Marijuana is created by drying the leaves, or flowers of the plant. It is considered the least potent form of cannabis. Marijuana is widely used in the United States of America. It is usually wrapped in a rolling paper and smoked, but can also be used in a pipe a.k.a a bong.

Hash Oil: Hash Oil is the strongest and the most potent form of cannabis, it is extracted from the drug. This is a thick oily liquid in a golden brown color. Hash oil is used in a unique way, it is spread on the tip of the paper in which it is rolled in before smoking.

Hashish (Hash): Hashish is the dried cannabis resin, mostly used in Asia. It has a higher THC concentration, due to which produces stronger effects than Marijuana. THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main active chemical in cannabis. It is always mixed with tobacco prior to smoking it, it can also be mixed with baked goods such as hash brownies. The effects of these resins caused in the Middle East are increasing day by day, to know more about them you can check

The drugs that are eaten affect your body more and get you high a lot, whereas inhaling cannabis can hit you quicker thus making you high quick.